Google+ SEO Marketing

Did you know that Google + is the third largest social network site in the world? According to Statista, an online statistics portal that provides reliable data to clients worldwide, Google+ is the world’s third leading social network, with 343 million active users as of 2014. These numbers prove that it’s important—now more than ever—to use Google+ to increase customer traffic to your business.


Google+ Marketing in Charleston

Businesses in the Charleston area have already reaped benefits using Google +. For example, Charleston’s three largest private sector employers–Boeing South Carolina, Roper St. Francis Healthcare, and JEM Restaurant Group–all have detailed location information and driving directions on Google, along with links to their websites. Google+ users are able to find all of this information quickly, as well as use other integrated Google+ functions such as e-mail and YouTube videos as they research these companies. In our age of almost instantaneous information, the ability to have multiple researching and sharing functions within the same site is more important than ever.


How Google+ can help your Business

Because Google clearly dominates the search engine market, many businesses looking to increase their search engine visibility are looking to Google+ to do so because of the connection (and bias) to Google. Here are six suggestions on how you can benefit from Google+ without neglecting your other marketing efforts:


    • Link your Google+ page to your company’s website. This will not only create an inbound Google+ link, but also allow your company’s Google+ page to prominently show on the right side of the search results page.


    • Claim a specified URL that matches your company’s brand. Once you set up your Google+ page (for at least 30 days) and you have at least ten followers, claiming a branded URL will make your web page much easier to find and share.


    • Publish to your company’s Google+ page. Just as you may already do with Facebook or Twitter, publish that same content to your Google+ page for easier access by potential customers.


    • Be sure to complete your introduction and tagline. This is critical because the first 50 characters of the post on your Google+ page becomes the page title of that post. You should make that first line “pop” because it will be seen first!


    • Fill out the “Links” section on your Google+ page. In addition to your website link, think about including items such as your social profiles, your blog, and any other links that you believe would be valuable to potential customers.


  • Include photos and videos whenever possible. Google+ is a very visual social networking site, just like other social channels. Take advantage of the ability to include eye-catching photos and videos that will grab the attention of Internet traffic.


Mr. Marketing has proven experience in helping businesses in Charleston—and many locations in the U.S. – successfully reach their target audiences through Google+. For more information and to get started, e-mail Matthew Rubin at [email protected], or call (843) 410-1046.