Video SEO Marketing

Despite all the talk you hear these days about secret tips and underhanded tricks, content really is king when it comes to SEO. Good content – that is, useful and relevant content – is what brings potential customers to your website. It keeps visitors on your site longer, reducing your bounce rate and helping your site remain relevant to the webcrawlers responsible for indexing. While amateurs can talk about tags and keywords all they like, the truth of the matter is that solid content is a necessity in the world of SEO. Taking that content beyond simple text is one of the more difficult aspects of the process, but is at the same time one of the most useful things that an SEO professional can do for your company.


More than Text: Why Video Matters

Despite the fact that the internet is an audio-visual medium, the vast majority of websites rely on text for content. There are a variety of factors behind this, many of which relate to the artifacts of the dial-up age. Text is actually a fine way to communicate information to a potential customer, but it is not always the best way to do so. As your website has the capability to incorporate videos, it is vital to take advantage of video SEO.


Video SEO is important because videos are attractive to potential clients. Videos help engage clients at a great rate – leading not only to your site becoming a preferred destination, but also to visitors spending more time on your site. There is a certain level of authenticity and even expertise that can come across when you add video to a website, and customers instinctively tend to trend towards those sites that offer them more than mere words.


The statistics about video SEO don’t lie. According to most sources, a video link is about forty percent more likely to result in a click-through than a text link. Google’s also fifty percent more likely to help you get a page rank with Google, a sure sign that even the search giant’s webcrawlers prefer moving pictures to static text. Perhaps most important is this – a post that features a video will generally draw three times as many visitors as one that features only text. It’s hard argue with those numbers.


Video SEO in Charleston

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