Image Distribution SEO Marketing

Do you think about what your business looks like, or what you want it to look like? And just as important, have you thought about what your business looks like to potential customers? Besides your website, it’s a good idea to explore and use other avenues to market your business to current and potential customers. Because these customers want information as fast as they can click their mice, you should —whenever possible— concentrate on online customer traffic. Businesses in the Charleston area have generated customer traffic in increasing numbers through image distribution marketing.


Image Distribution Marketing in Charleston, SC

Today, people are driven by technology in everything they do–whether it is work or play. People are also very visual. Images that people see can many times bring in potential customers like no other medium can. That’s why many Charleston-area businesses have found success through image marketing. Here are a couple of examples:



Since its inception in 2010, Instagram, the powerhouse online photo/video-sharing social networking site, has gained popularity by leaps and bounds, recording 200 million active users in 2014. Instagram can benefit your business in three ways:


    1. Reaching out to a new demographic

Because people from all over the globe–and from all walks of life–use Instagram, there’s a pretty good chance that you will widen your target audience by marketing images on Instagram.

    1. Network!

Although it is a slightly different format, Instagram is like other social networks—it is designed for connection and interaction. And because it’s connected to Twitter and Facebook, it allows for additional avenues to communicate with your audience.

    1. Make it Personal

Depending on your type of business, Instagram may present a perfect opportunity to share images of behind the scenes activity; for example, a small group in a strategic meeting or even cleaning up after a special customer event. Potential customers will appreciate seeing the relatable, “real” side of your business.



This photo-sharing website also allows for sharing and interaction with a diverse audience. Owned by Google, the primarily goal of Panoramio is to facilitate Google Earth users to access information about a specific area based on the photos taken at that location. This provides a multi-layered opportunity of combining images, business and location information all in one.



Dubbed the “online scrapbook”, Pinterest allows users to share or “pin” their videos and images from the web, and has the following benefits to businesses:


  1. Direct communication with a demographic that is relationship-centered.
  2. Statistics show that Pinterest users have clearly-defined interests, and will spend an average of 90 minutes at a time on the website. This means that if you pin images geared towards your target audience, you have a higher than average chance of gaining and retaining customers.


SEO in Charleston

Of course, image distribution marketing—like any search engine optimization (SEO) service—must be tailored specifically to your individual business and to your potential customers to be effective. Charleston SEO Biz has a proven, successful track record of reaching target audiences for businesses throughout the Charleston area and across the U.S. To get started, send an e-mail to [email protected], or call (843) 410-1046.