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In a world of instant information and instant gratification, how do you get noticed—and more importantly—stay noticed? A goofy commercial alone; or someone standing on a busy sidewalk wearing a t-shirt with your company’s logo passing out flyers just won’t do in this day and age. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that businesses find creative ways to connect with potential customers. In addition to a great website and company-specific marketing tools, many businesses in Charleston have achieved success generating and retaining customer traffic through marketing on social media websites.


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Social Media Marketing: What’s the Benefit?

Marketing via social media, or the act of gaining customer traffic through social media websites, not only provides other avenues besides your website to share information, but it also allows for direct interaction with new and returning customers. Search engine marketers believe that search engines and social marketers are closely intertwined –after all, like search engines, social media sites facilitate new information such as company changes and news stories. Additionally, social media can support SEO (search engine optimization) endeavors because more and more people rely so heavily on social media sites that they even search for information within them. We have some suggestions on how to use these social media tools to benefit your business:



Statistics show that as of 2014, Facebook had over 1.2 billion active monthly users, and has no signs of slowing down. Use Facebook to supplement your marketing efforts by carefully crafting your status updates. Doing so will:


  • Result in more relevant targeting
  • Improved audience engagement
  • Allow more of your followers to view your status updates


To optimize your status updates


  • Schedule your posts to appear during times when most of your followers will view and interact
  • Add tags to increase interactivity of your status updates
  • Consider adding locations in your status updates (for example: Downtown, North Charleston, Waterfront)
  • Add photos, especially those that your followers will be likely to share



  • Tweak your Google+ business page: your company name should be your SEO Title, use a Google+ custom URL, edit your SEO meta description for maximum results
  • Post content to start building a steady Google+ following
  • Track shared Google+ content in order to correlate SEO ranking increases


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For more information on social media marketing and other SEO services to increase and make the most of customer traffic, contact Charleston SEO Biz at [email protected]. A consulting firm specializing in local SEO and improving websites for Google as well as prospective customers, Charleston SEO Biz has successfully improved customer acquisition for a variety of businesses in Charleston and throughout the United States—and he can do the same for your business. You can also reach Matthew Rubin at (843) 410-1046.