Social Bookmarking SEO

If you consider yourself to be pretty business savvy and you think you’ve exhausted every avenue in attracting online customer traffic, you may want to think again if you haven’t explored social bookmarking. Of course there are many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools out there such as website positioning and content development; and social network sites have also joined in on opportunities to supplement user traffic. But there are additional avenues out there that many do not readily associate with business development—and social bookmarking is a perfect example.


Social Bookmarking in Charleston, SC


Just in case you’re unclear about what social bookmarking is, let’s briefly discuss the definition before we go any further. Social bookmarking is the act of tagging a website for later use. As opposed to saving the website to your web browser, you’re actually saving the website to the web, where you can easily share it with friends and associates because it is online. In addition to tagging—or saving—these websites, you can also view what others have tagged. Most of these sites let you browse based on popularity or by categories to make searching easier.


There are businesses in the Charleston area who have taken advantage of this option to increase online traffic. How? Because social bookmarking has increasingly become the “search method of choice” by online users, this act of “bookmarking” has morphed into sort of “mini social search engines”. As a result, many businesses have chosen to subscribe to popular social bookmarking websites, such as Digg or to increase potential traffic.


How to Use Social Bookmarking to your Advantage

Unlike standard search engines, social bookmarking allows others to not only tag, but rank your content. You will need to submit impressive content such as articles, web links, photos and videos. By doing these things, the image of your business is immediately improved. Additionally, social bookmarking can improve your business in the following three ways:


    1. Increased customer traffic to your website

Submitting high-quality content to a bookmarking site’s first page will generate an incredible amount of traffic. (The very act of signing up with a social bookmarking site gets the ball rolling right away because you have just created a bookmark!) You will also build your “bookmarking community”, and you’ll be able to share additional content with these new contacts.


    1. A faster way to access newer business resources

Social bookmarking would allow your business to use RSS Feeds and community connections to stay on top of new sites and information that is relevant to your business. Once you find a relevant site that will be beneficial to you, you can add them to your bookmarks for future reference and use.


    1. Build and strengthen relationships with business partners

Who wouldn’t want an extra avenue to build great business relationships? If you’re either building or maintaining a business relationship with a colleague, you can search for relevant information for their business, and it will clearly show your interest in strengthening your relationship with them. That’s a win-win for everyone.


SEO in Charleston

Social bookmarking—along with all other SEO services—should be carefully planned and tailored to your business and your customers to be successful. Charleston SEO Biz can help your business with social bookmarking and reach your target audience, just as they have done for other Charleston-area businesses and companies across the U.S. Just send an e-mail to [email protected], or you can call (843) 410-1046 to get started.